A bit of history

The Celtic god of bubbling springs Borvo who gave his name to the town, Guillaume de Nevers who was captivated by Flamenca at the baths of Bourbon, Charles Delorme who advised the great people of the court of Louis XIV in Bourbon, Talleyrand who came in Bourbon for thirty years – the prestigious thermal past of Bourbon l'Archambault is not a coincidence.

Prince de Talleyrand was used to say: "my body's vigour and my spirit's sprightliness are thanks to the water of Bourbon." At the opposite, Guy Patin who was the avowed opponent of Charles Delorme – the King's doctor – said that "the water of Bourbon make more deceived persons than people in good health," probably jealous that Bourbon l'Archambault had become the queen of spa towns in the 17th century. Indeed, from Boileau to Scarron, and from Mrs de Sévigné to Marshal de la Meilleraye, there was no one who would not come "taking the waters" in the company of a gentleman or a lady in Bourbon, under the auspices of Charles Delorme who prescribed his famous "red stock"… Mrs de Montespan marked Bourbon with her stigma and her repentance, where she withdrew into disgrace before dying there in a general indifference on May 27, 1707.

Shortly before 1650, Gaston d'Orléans – King Louis XIII's brother – made put up the "Logis du Roy", the hydrotherapy centre which followed the Roman baths from which several marble swimming pools still remain buried in the Bourbonnais basement. As soon as Caesar's armies occupied Gaul, the thermal water had become precious, but because of the barbarian invasions sank into oblivion until Middle Ages when the castle of Bourbon became the birthplace of the Sires and the dukes of the Bourbon's dynasty. Crowd of persons having hydrotherapy would insist the authorities of that time to build the great hydrotherapy centre in which you can go nowadays. On May 15, 1885, it welcomed its first patients, and from then, people coming to the spa became more and more numerous essentially after the establishment of the French national health and pension organisation, and also after extensive, modernization work started in 1975.