Produit d'itinérance BOURBONRAMA

The Community of common Bocage Bourbonnais and the urban community of Moulins have partnered in an initiative to promote tourism in their territory called BOURBONRAMA. The Office of tourist center of the triangle of the Bourbons, which unites the two tourist offices of Mills and Bourbon l'Archambault, both local and socio-professional of the territory of 37 municipalities, is responsible for the development of the concept of roaming tourist that allows the public to visit of natural sites, heritage and animation based on a formula that is playful, modern and very flexible to use.

5 routes to discover

By purchasing guide booklets and MP3 player, you can walk on five circuits from Moulins, Souvigny or Bourbon l'Archambault. Thus, along the way, with the fabulous epic of Bourbon  in filigree, Sire Hugues and five adventures take you from village to surprises along selected routes to the quality of landscapes they traverse and castles, fortified farms and other assets remarkable that one can appreciate

Every journey begins with the visit important sites (church, cathedral, castle, museum, interpretive center) of the departure city attached to the topic, then he borrows scenic roads where you can see more of heritage (castles , manor houses, fortified farms, particular landscapes). The path is detailed in the form of road-book in the presentation of the loop. Each route is along 60 to 90 km.

Adults and children, each his booklet

Plunge in the 13th century with costumed guides the castle of Bourbon l'Archambault? Listen and recognize birds in the area of ​​Val d'Allier Nature? Look for clues by visiting the historic quarter of Moulins or church Souvigny? Learn some of the fabulous costumes of the National Center of Costume?

For each age, children must solve two simple puzzles in each site during a visit with their parents. At the end of the visit, a diploma parchment is submitted to congratulate them for having solved the puzzles. In order not to hamper the visit of adults accompanying children, part discovery game does not require special visit for children.

50 sites, 50 sequences

The accompanying audio format MP 3

Large and small stories of the Bourbons, Charolais, birds of the nature reserve of Val d'Allier, farms and castles, legends, love, art, the past, the present! You will discover through your MP3 player or phone, following the circuit Bourbonrama. All these themes are staged and help you discover and understand the landscape and heritage of the country villages Bourbon.

You can charge your MP3 player or phone for free from the website: If you do not have such equipment, equipments very easy to use are available for hire in tourist offices and partner sites.

The Privilege Card

This card, sold € 5, gives you access to lower cost (often half-price) in most countries of Bourbon cultural sites (castles, museums, city tours). It also gives you gifts or benefits among partners (restaurants, aquatic leisure centers, equestrian centers, guidebooks, fitness center, casino) to make the most of your stay in Bourbon country.

Tourist Offices

    Moulins and its region

11 Rue Francois Peron


Phone 00 33 4 70 44 14 14

    Bourbon l'Archambault and its region

1, Place de l'Hotel de Ville

03160 Bourbon l'Archambault

Phone 00 33 4 70 67 09 79

Tourist Information Points

    Place Aristide Briand 03210 SOUVIGNY. Phone 00 33 4 70 43 99 75 42/4

    4 Place Jules Ferry 03400 YZEURE Phone 00 33 4 70 48 53 36

    La Borde 03430 VIEURE  Phone 00 33 4 70 02 04 46


    guidebook adult: Free.

    guidebook child: Free.

    MP3 player rental: € 3 for one day - two days for € 5 - € 6 3 to 6 days.