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Surrounded by admirable greenery, this characterful town with a prestigious past welcomes you in the bottom of a valley in the Bocage Bourbonnais, with its quality thermal facilities and rich, various environment.

Bourbon l'Archambault was named after both the Celtic god of springs, Borvo, and the first Bourbon family, the Archambauds. Since antiquity, it is known for its thermal water's virtues.


This is here that in the 12th century took place the Roman de Flamenca, a beauty love story written in langue d'oc, because, founded from the 10th century from the Sires' stronghold, then the Bourbon's Dukes', the Bourbonnais marked out the frontier between the Kingdom of France and the duchy of Aquitaine. This key position explains the impressive fortification, but only four of the fifteen big towers remain intact and enable you to see its former supremacy.


In the 17th century, Charles Delorme – who was the doctor of Henry IV, Louis XIII, and Louis XIV – treated the great people of the court in this town, such as Mrs de Sévigné, Scarron, Boileau, and also Mrs de Montespan who died in 1707 in Bourbon, at the end of her luxurious exile.


Prince Maurice de Talleyrand regularly came here from 1801 to 1832 to treat his osteoarthritis and said that "his body's vigour and his spirit's sprightliness were thanks to the water of Bourbon."


Not so long ago, Camille Saint-Saëns and Paul Doumer were some famous guests who had also enjoyed the soothing qualities of the waters of Bourbon l'Archambault and its favourable climate for rest and relaxation.


Nowadays, the comfortable thermal facilities enable Bourbon l'Archambault to be a pleasant resort to live in, with a human face, in the middle of the undulating, verdant Bocage Bourbonnais (typical landscape of the area), and half-way between Moulins and the prestigious forest of Tronçais. This is a country of art and history where each stone shows a touristy wealth to savour without restraint, from Romanesque churches to country houses, and from typical farms to picturesque alleyways.