Origin and composition of the thermal water

At Bourbon l'Archambault, the thermal water is drawn from an unique fault which is in the bowels of the Earth. Its constant flow is 1,200 cubic meters a day.

Origin of the thermal water

The thermal spring of Bourbon l'Archambault was created from a geologic fault, where it is impounded deeply at a temperature of 55°C. Its therapeutic qualities are known since antiquity.

Hyper-thermal water, of polymetallic and sodic chlorinated type, which developed slowly on the deep layers of the Earth in the vicinity of the volcanic base of the Massif Central, gets enriched in its underground course with trace elements, mineral salts, micro-organisms, and noble gases, which give it all its powerful originality.

Cations (mg / litre)
Potassium 110.06 mg
Sodium 1,017.60 mg
Lithium 12.10 mg
Calcium 111.70 mg
Magnesium 9.30 mg
Iron, manganese 0.30 mg
Anions (mg / litre)
Chlorides 1,086.00 mg
Bromine 3.30 mg
Iodine traces
Sulphates 348.00 mg
Bicarbonates 935.10 mg
Arsenic traces
Emanations rich in noble gases (helium, neon, krypton)