The visit of the priory Saint-Maurice

After many years of reconstruction, the former priory of Saint-Maurice-Autry Issards can sometimes be visited. This is a wonderful example of successful restoration of medieval religious heritage.

Aart and Will  De Vries masterfully repair their property of the priory "St. Maurice" in Autry-Issards. This is a very old site, as appears to have begun in the early lords of Bourbon, well before the year one thousand. But, like many religious buildings, the Revolution destroyed the priory, which, thirty years ago, was a ruin.
Fortunately for the heritage of country, the Dutch couple, lovers of old monuments, repaired the church, which now serves a home. The repair is consistent with the surrounding buildings. The construction continues on the side of the cloister.

With the support of the municipality of Autry-Issards and the tourist office of Bourbon l'Archambault and his region, a tour is organized from June to September. The culture and history  of Mr. and Mrs. De Vries is staggering, and it is exciting and passionate builders they lead the group on their field.

     Dates for 2012: Saturday 23 June, 21 July, 18th August and 15th September (Heritage Day).
     Time of appointment: 14:30.
     Price: Free.

     Registration: Required in advance to the tourist office in Bourbon l'Archambault (30 people per visit).