The guided tour of the church Saint-Georges de Bourbon

It is possible to get inside the church of St. George and personally visit the rich heritage it houses. But nothing beats a guided tour by a guide and passionate scholar.

Allowed on the front of the church, visitors are invited by the guide to explore the interior of the church of St. George. Periods of construction, the symbols of ornaments, visiting the chapel of the "True Cross", the story of the "Chapels Holy" of castle, the windows, the lectern of Madame de Montespan, the chapels of the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Virgin, the history of the organ, are explained by the guide.

In a second step, the visit moves to the Parish House, close to the precious relics of the nineteenth century (1804, 1869, 1874 and 1884). The Holy Thorn of Christ's crown is housed in an almond crystal reliquary of 1874 offered by the Baron d'Aubigny-Überherrn. The cross made of wood of the cross of Jesus is contained in the reliquary of 1804 offered by Father Petitjean, who saved the holy relics from destruction during the French Revolution.

Some Mondays, to 2:30 p.m.

Registration: Required prior at the tourist office.

Price: Free.