Therapeutic indications of the thermal water

Since antiquity, in Bourbon l'Archambault, the thermal water exclusively treats rheumatic diseases, paralyses and fractures after-effects. Gynaecology is a secondary medical indication.

Treatment carried out at the thermal baths use active elements released from water. They are then absorbed by the skin and the dermis to impregnate the body through the blood, as confirm the experiments practiced in hydrotherapy laboratories of several medical schools.

Contrary to the one of several spa towns "redeveloped" in rheumatic diseases, the thermal water of Bourbon l'Archambault had always been designed for rheumatic diseases – having an inflammatory or a degenerative origin -, paralyses of all kinds, and trauma after-effects.
The sodic chlorinated type of the thermal water is also suitable for neuralgias and gynaecological diseases.


· Rheumatic diseases

Inflammatory: rheumatoid poly arthritis, ankilosing spondylarthritis, monoarthritis, post-anginal rheumatism.
Degenerative: osteoarthritis.
Abarticular rheumatism
Trauma after-effects
· Neuralgias: cervicobrachial neuralgia, cruralgia, lumbar sciatica.
· Paralyses: after-effects of hemiplegia, paraplegia, poliomyelitis.
· Gynaecological diseases: ovarian hypofunction, chromic infections (metritis, annexitis).

Any acute or progressive disease.