Horse-drawn carriage of the old Bourbon

A guided tour of the old Bourbon aboard a comfortable carriage is held on Thursdays at Bourbon l'Archambault, from May to October. This is a form of discovery of picturesque landscapes and monuments, a loved visit by the public

In 2012, of May 24 to October 18, Andre Morand comes to Bourbon l'Archambault on Thursday afternoon, with two departures from the park "Jean-Bignon" to 14:30 and 16:30.

For two hours, visitors experience the park and  Alleys Montespan and the spa resort, the panorama in front of the fortress and the pond, the mill, the "Fountain Jonas", the church of St. George, the panorama of the cornice and the neighborhood of Burge.

It penetrates the very heart of the fortress with a passage always surprising in the courtyard of the house of the Duke, before descending into the town by the Rue du Château. It crosses the center of Bourbon at the slow pace of the horses. It remains to enter the park Jean Bignon where we observe the trees, flower beds and green spaces to  castle Bignon and to camping. This is the last leg of a journey of seven kilometer.

The ability of the carriage is eight adults and two children. Reservations required by Thursday at 11 am at the Tourist Office, Place de l'Hotel de Ville.

Price: € 8.50 (€ 4 under 10).

This tour is guaranteed if at least 10 people have registered on one day.