Berdignots d'un jour

"Berdignots" a day Ygrande is a village of writers. His fame comes course to Emile Guillaumin, the "Sage of Ygrande", who lived his entire life in his native village, in his fields where he put his pen to the service of peasant emancipation. A museum dedicated to him where he wrote his masterpiece, "The life of a simple". Camille Gagnon was also a specialist of local history, folklore and ethnology Bourbonnais. But Ygrande is also famous for its Carnival. Since 1929, every year in mid-Lent, a hilarious procession through the streets of the town, Moulin-à-Vent at the Grand-Font, in the middle of a crowd of nearly ten thousand people. The maskers ygrandais spent months creating floral floats tens of thousands of flowers in delicate paper for display that day. And hundreds of "berdignots", wrinkled, masked, mingle with the parade, to lead the audience into a mass insanity with a lot of bombs and confetti spaghetti, under the blaring music and bandas associated with the festival.