Everyone in the "débredinoire"!

When he died in the land of Bourbon Menulphe Irish bishop to the seventh century, his faithful servant, Blaise, simple-minded ("Bredin" in local dialect), undertook to drill a hole in the side of the sarcophagus of the saint, to spend head to pay tribute one last time at Menulphe. It is said that Blaise would have lost his madness with an ultimate miracle of the deceased ... Since then, the village of Saint-Menoux is a place of pilgrimage. You will pass the head in the "débredinoire" for lose your insanity. But be careful not to touch the stone sarcophagus with your head, otherwise you will inherit the "bredinerie" precedents! Such devotion has justified the erection of this magnificent abbey church conversely vessel (eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth centuries), which dominates the town and the monastery garden developed in recent years by the municipality. Richly decorated inside, the monument, in its primitive part of the narthex, also contains an interesting collection lapidary. The meadows along the creek "Bear said Rose" allows breeding of the Charolais cattle known nationally and even internationally.