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In the Permian era, 300 million years, the region Buxieres-les-Mines was occupied by an inland sea or lake, and it was in the equatorial zone! Erosion, movement of the crust caused the formation of shales and coals that have been exploited for 160 years, until 2001, in the valley of Morgon. Buxieres is countries of minor, the "Black Faces". Alas, the substitution industries have not kept up, and the scars of mining are now cleared by of grove that gently takes his rights. Single extraction still ongoing, the granitic materials from the quarry of Rocs in the picturesque valley of "Bandais", where can to make on foot to appreciate the charm and curiosity (waterfall, cave, steep gorges). Buxieres-les-Mines is homeland of great conductor and composer Louis Ganne. Born in 1862 into a family of minor (the father is killed at work), Louis Ganne composed the famous "Marche Lorraine" which was played in 1945 in Berlin by the Allies in the smoking ruins of the Nazi regime. More cheerful, his operettas ("Les Saltimbanques", "Hans le joueur de flûte") made her dance all over Europe in the early twentieth century. Buxieres-les-Mines loves art and artists. Every year, renowned art fairs hundreds of works, including paintings and sculptures, made ​​in France and abroad.